Translated from the greek, psyche means “soul” or “butterfly” and soma means “body”. Just as the body follows the psyche in this word, so it is also in life – the problems from the psyche are reflected in the body.

Unfortunately, the word “psyche” is very one-sided in our culture. Naturopathy uses several different words to decipher and define this concept. These include, for example, the mind and feelings, the emotional life. Therefore, factors such as stress, anxiety, anger, grief, pressure, and coercion have an enormous impact on the psyche.

From the usage of language we know phrases such as “breaking a heart”, “it is a pain in the neck,” etc..

That is why we are now dealing with this body quite firmly. The body is the representative of our psyche in daily life – here and now.

Accordingly, we define health not as the “absence of symptoms,” but as a state of mental and physical well-being.